I just love Yoongi with cute clothing,and now I can’t stop drawing kitty Yoongi,so here it is

I really wanted to see him with a beanie like that

ps: it’s written ‘Rapper Cat’ on his blouse

- Admin Fox

3:30am 09/17 + $16

Yoongi: it’s okay Jiminnie, what happened?

Jimin: *snifs* why would they say that?

Yoongi: say what?

1:54pm 09/16 + $246

Yoongi: it’s quite simple actually…

Jimin: umm….it’s embarassing, hyung

3:13am 09/16 + $81

aw yeah! probably old news but I can’t wait.

-Admin Bianca

4:55pm 09/15 + $9

Ask box closed!! Thanks everyone!

-Admin Bianca

8:20am 09/14 + $1

Anonymous whispered: Please do more animated cuties Admin Fox!! I'm in love with your adorable Yoongi <3

Thank you sweetie!
I will! Just u wait!

- Admin Fox

5:06am 09/14 + $3

failed attempt at animating kitty yoongi

3:49am 09/14 + $14


5:22pm 09/13 + $51

Admin Dimma Dan has *GASP* the [ART BLOCK] ! (nuuuu)

Hey everybody! Just wanted to make a post about why my answers are so scarce:


In order to remedy it, I have to kind of take a break and get myself together. Because it’s been physically effecting me. I promise I’ll be back soon! SORRY AGAIN FOR MY ABSENCE.

- Admin Dimma Dan ;)

2:10am 09/12 + $4

9:46pm 09/11 + $138

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